TUPE - the law when you're buying or selling a company

TUPE - when you're acquiring a business or involved in outsourcing

If you are buying a business, outsourcing, or bringing part of your own business back in-house, you'll already know that you have a legal obligation to inform and consult with the transferring employees (around what is happening, any changes that you are planning to make etc.) and that you will need to maintain all terms and conditions that the transferring employees currently enjoy. In addition to the complicated legal and financial hoops you'll go through, you'll also be thinking about:

  •  Will the transferring employees fit our culture? Will they work to our standards?
  • Will the current team lose focus in the changeover?
  • Will the combined team deliver the value you want?
  • What will people do on Day One?

The legislation covering acquisitions (known as TUPE), is a tricky piece of employment law. It states that employees have the legal right to transfer with all existing terms and conditions, so as the new owner, you will literally step into the shoes of the old employer. That may be good news, or....

Get the transfer right and you will have an engaged workforce ready to deliver on Day One. Get it wrong and you may have half of your workforce working against you from Day One.

How we can help you

We can help you to:

  • understand and plan your legal responsibilities under TUPE
  • understand how the enlarged business will work
  • integrate the new employees and their terms and conditions with your own

In addition, we give you practical support in:

  • planning for and delivering a successful, legally-compliant transition
  • carrying out 1:1 consultations with your employees
  • creating and delivering communications that really count
  • implementing a successful post-acquisition plan to deliver value
The Outcome for You

A legally-compliant TUPE transfer that delivers both a pre- and post-acquisition plan that speeds up the integration of people and systems and reduces the costs and risks involved.

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