Helping you to get your HR right and grow your business as a great place to work

At Gazella, we offer a full HR service, either on site or over the phone, to help you to get your HR right and grow as a great place to work - a place where people give their best and stay. We work with owners and leaders who know that their great business is more than the next order.

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Developing great places to work

Great places to work are businesses that are profitable because they employ great people who do great things for their customers and for each other, day-in, day-out.

The Gazella HR Blog

A great football analogy to help when your business needs to move forward. 

I‘ve had some great conversations recently with a big range of business, charity and voluntary sector leaders. Yesterday I talked to two very different but inspiring women, one a partner with a leading law firm, the other an ex-captain of the England Ladies rugby team.

In our 24/7 'always on' work place, now is the time to focus on what your people are delivering rather than how many hours they work, in other words, outputs not inputs.