Redundancy - getting it right - for you and your employees

Getting the best outcome for you and your team when redundancies become a reality

  • How worried should you be about making employees redundant?
  • Is it possible for employees to feel positive about being made redundant?
  • Would professional, experienced support help when you need to make redundancies?
How can we help you?

We can help you to:

  • understand the legislation and how it relates to you
  • develop a process that will ensure the right people leave your business
  • understand the requirements of legally-compliant consultation
  • develop options for ‘suitable alternative employment’
  • draw up your communication plans and minimise the impact on the survivors

 And give you practical help with:

  • creating and delivering effective and positive messages to all staff
  • managing the selection and consultation processes
  • drafting legally-compliant letters that still have a personal touch


The Outcome for You
  • A tightly-controlled and legally-compliant redundancy programme that will keep you out of Tribunal, result in the right people leaving your business and have your remaining workforce prepared for the future.
At Gazella, we don't just talk about it, we fix it

Our bespoke support packages range from a single day of our time to a full campaign. Call now on 07813-994556 for a confidential discussion