Recruiting For Long Term Success

Attracting great people to your business

The world is moving fast and there are more good jobs out there than there are good people to fill them. Attracting great people keeps everyone from Google to BP awake at night, so how do small businesses attract the right people against such stiff competition?  You need to play to your strengths, know what you want, and know where to find it, before you start.


We can help you to
  • think through the why's and how's of attracting the right people - why would that great person want to work for you?
  • build a role and profile that really describes what you are looking for
  • create the advert that attracts the right candidates
  • identify the best routes to market
  • develop an interview strategy
  • Interview to find and select the best
The outcome for you

You’ll attract and secure the right candidates and cut down the number of interviews, saving you time, money and grey hair.

At Gazella, we don't just talk about it, we fix it.

Our bespoke support packages range from a single day to a full campaign.

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