Treat your employees as customers? Not as daft as it sounds

To be a great business, you need a strong brand backed by a brand promise designed to attract customers to your products and services.  Think Apple, Coca Cola and Samsung. Employees of the strongest businesses personify the attributes of the brand, gaining customers trust.  And it’s that trust that ultimately increases sales.

So brand is everything?

So, for a great business, all you need is a great brand and some great employees. Correct?  Possibly.  Employees don’t automatically engage in the brand when told. You need to treat your employees in exactly the same way as you treat your customers by aligning the internal and external image of the brand. If you don’t, you will end up with a long list of disconnects under the surface and contradict the message you are trying to give.

The greatest brands align the employee experience of the brand with that of the customer. Their company’s recruitment, interviewing, training, communications, performance management structures are all aligned.  Belief in the brand is at the core of every action, every minute of the day. When it is, the employees become the bridge for customers to believe.

Always keep in mind the people delivering your customer service

When you think about your brand, think internal as well as external. Get the alignment right and your employees will work wonders with your sales. Without them, your ability to consistently deliver your promise to your customers will be limited.

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