HR Project Management - the five steps to changing your business - Part 1

Change should be a positive force, but do you hold back because it could affect your business performance and growth potential? 

Every change has risk. Experience of poorly managed change has left employees alienated and frustrated. But standing still is not an option.  

When it comes to change, keep in mind that every individual counts. Here’s a process map to start your business change:

Create a Case For Change

The case for change provides the foundation for the whole process. Think about the impact on individuals, teams, customers and shareholders. Why are you doing it and what will the world look like when it’s done? You know when you have done this successfully when team members understand the need for the change and can explain why the changes are being made.

Share Your Vision And Values

Once you have established why change is necessary, communicate the vision for the future. What will the organization look like once the changes are implemented? How will things be improved? What are the positive benefits for the company, team, individuals, your customers?

Create a picture and share it right from the start. This will help to prepare people for the impact of the change and for the challenges and setbacks ahead (for there will be some).

The direction is now set. Next week we'll look at the preparation and delivery of the vision, from the resources you will need through to the vital communication that you will need to make. Thanks for reading.