6 questions to ask yourself when recruiting - part 3

In the final blog of this series, we’ll look at where and how to look for the right person.

Do you have to use a recruitment agency?

It is common for businesses to use a recruitment agency to help them find and hire the right people. Agencies provide a potentially valuable service, helping you to unearth the best available candidates.

Many businesses find it just as effective to stride out on their own, placing ads in local papers or trade media, and making use of social media. Taking your recruitment needs in house can be a more cost-effective solution, and can help to ensure that you keep track of the process at every stage. Just remember though that the good recuitment agencies will know the people who are not even on the market - and can find them quickly.

Will you find the right person? Are they out there?

Reports that there is a chronic shortage of talent in the British labour market are simply untrue.

There is a wealth of expertise out there; the trick is making sure that you develop the right campaign and process to uncover the right talent for your business. Market conditions today are tough and there are a lot of good and bad candidates out there, but you stand a better chance than ever of finding the right person to help your organisation grow.

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