6 questions to ask yourself when recruiting - part 2

In the last blog, we looked at the affordability and red tape around recruiting great staff for your business. Today we'll take a quick look at whether you should recruit for today's demands or tomorrow's needs, and offer some thoughts on use of interim staff.

Recruit for today or tomorrow?

It’s always easiest to think about the most urgent need. ‘We are recruiting because (growth, maternity cover, post holder has resigned – fill in your own need)’. The straightforward route is to go for a straight replacement with the right levels of skills and experience and get them in as soon as possible.  Before you do that, consider what you will need in one, two, maybe five years and design your campaign around that person.  The ideal candidate today may not be the best in the long run.  You’ll need to consider potential, commitment and shared values before you make your selection.

Is it better to outsource?

Many smaller firms prefer to take on a short-term contractor, rather than take on their own employees. There is a lot to be said for this approach, especially if you need specific expertise for a specific project, where ‘out of the box’ experience can kick-start the most complicated programmes.

But there will come a time at which you need to start building your own team. Contractors do not bring long-term loyalty or long-term teamwork and a growing business can rarely survive on contractors alone. To grow, you will need a well-chosen group of people dedicating their time, commitment and energy to your firm.

In the final blog of this series, we’ll look at where and how to look for the right person.