6 questions to ask yourself when recruiting - part 1

Things to think about before you start

If a business is to grow and succeed, it needs enthusiastic, open-minded employees. That involves recruitment.

Done well, recruitment is an exciting opportunity to bring on great people for the next stage of the journey. On the flip side, many companies know about recruiting the wrong person and the issues it creates, especially if there is an Employment Tribunal at the end of the ordeal….

Taking on an employee is a big responsibility. It’s the lifeblood of growth - businesses stall if no action is taken. If you are thinking about recruiting, here are six things to think about before you start to help you get that person who is right for your business now and right for your business tomorrow.

1. First off, can you afford to recruit?

It’s a common theme that hiring employees is simply too expensive for small businesses. Like any purchase, everything has a cost.  By planning ahead, you can calculate the recruitment and on-going pay, benefits and NI costs. Be confident that you can cover this expenditure before you begin.

For many businesses, the highest cost is not recruiting. Without the right people, your firm will not be able to fulfil its potential.

2. Can you handle the red tape?

You have some very important legal obligations to fulfil as an employer. Apart from National Insurance Contributions, a payroll system and employers’ liability insurance, you need to think about your business strategy and structure and how your great new recruit is going to fit in. You’ll need to think about how you will train them and what their role will look like in the future. Yes, the good ones will want to know that too.

Clear and careful planning ahead can make sure you attract the right people for now and for the future.

In the next blog, we’ll look at how you recruit the right person and where and how to look.