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Mergers and Acquisitions
Delivering the best result from your acquisition strategy
·        Did you know that between 70% and 90% of company          acquisitions worldwide fail to deliver forecast growth?
·        Would you like to know more about your target before          you buy?
Roger Davies, founder of Gazella, is also a founder member of The M&A Team, a team of experienced businessmen who have decided to improve the lot of mergers and acquisitions. We work with business owners and managers of companies in the £5-20M turnover range, who have identified acquisition as an effective strategy to achieve their business (and life?) objectives.
We help you to:
·         minimise the risks of such a strategy by applying our unique 3D methodology to                      assess financial, operational and cultural fit. We deliver by using our specific                      individual disciplines of Finance, Strategic Marketing and Human Resources.
And give you more practical help with:
·         our three-stage approach to help you to identify, qualify and orchestrate the                            most effective deals for long-term sustainable growth
For more details of our bespoke support packages, click here to go through to the website.

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