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What to do when performance becomes an issue
  • Is there an employee in your business who isn't performing?
  • How do you get the best possible outcome when you need to dismiss?
  • How do you keep out of a Tribunal?
We help you to:
-          evaluate performance issues and the reasons behind them
-          consider your options and the legal implications
-          know what a 'fair and proportionate' approach will look like
-          understand the next steps
And give you practical help in:
-          step-by-step help though the disciplinary and exit process
-          drafting all relevant letters and maintaining records
The Outcome for you
·         An understanding of, and a route through, the legal and financial implications of                       dismissing a poor performer in the most cost-effective way and keeps you out of                     Tribunal.
At Gazella, we’ll fix it, not talk about it.
Our bespoke support packages range from a single day of our time to a full campaign. Call now to talk things through on 07813-994556

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