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Interview For Long Term Success
Interviewing for long-term success
  • Does recruitment ever feel like just plain hard work?
  • Have you ever done all the right things and your candidate still didn’t stay?
  • Would it be better if only the right candidates applied?
We help you to:
-          get fit to recruit and attract great people
-          select a shortlist of the right people for interview
-          pick the right questions to focus your search
-          plan the interview process and establish a structure that identifies great people
-          keep up the pace – because the best candidates won’t wait for you
And give you more practical help with:
-          interview support at first, second or all stages
-          writing offer letter and contracts of employment
-          psychometric testing
-          a powerful induction process to ensure your new employee engages in the business
The Outcome for you
·         By interviewing the right people using an approach that is right for your business, you             will select the best person for today and for the long-term, saving you money and                   building your business for the future.
At Gazella, we’ll fix it, not talk about it.
Our bespoke support packages range from a single day of our time to a full campaign. Call now on 07813-994556

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