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Finding the right candidates
Starting the search and attracting great people to your business
  • Do recruitment mistakes keep you awake at night?
  • Are your interview candidates sometimes disappointing?
It may be time to review your recruitment approach...
We can help you to:
         ·         define the real role you need fulfilling today
         ·         define the skills you’ll need in the future and how to look for them
         ·         build a job profile that actually describes what you want and need
         ·         create the advert that attracts the right candidates
         ·         identify the best routes to market
And give you practical help in:
         ·         writing the job profile
         ·         writing the advert that attracts the best
The Outcome for you
       ·       You’ll attract the right candidates and cut down the number of time-wasting                            applications, saving you time, money and frustration.
At Gazella, we’ll fix it, not talk about it.
Our bespoke support packages range from a single day to a full campaign.
Contact us now for a confidential chat on 07813-994556

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