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Your virtual HR Team or Director
Advising on, Managing and Executing all things HR
Every business needs an HR presence but often not full-time. At Gazella, we will work with you and your organisation to identify and deliver HR solutions, working beside you when you need it, and virtually when you don’t.  

Working with your management team, we can advise and deliver strategic and tactical solutions in all aspects of HR including strategy, recruitment, performance management, talent management, training, employee relations and legal compliance. Everything from a contract of employment to the hands-on management of a complex redundancy programme or business acquisition.

We won’t confuse you or shirk away from the problem. As your Virtual HR Director, we’ll work for you and with you to unearth the issues that can hold you back and then put plans in place to sort the problem and develop your business into a profitable and great place to work.
For everyday
All businesses have HR problems, and they can grow as the business grows. If you’re like most SMEs, you won’t want or need an HR person on your payroll. But you still have HR problems.... At Gazella, we may just have a solution to help you. 

Our Small Business Support programme makes sure you remain compliant with the latest employment law, gives you answers to your HR-related questions and works with you when you need hands-on strategic and tactical HR support.

The cost of this program is £600 + VAT per month and includes an HR Compliance Audit, a free visit to your offices each month to work with you first-hand, plus UNLIMITED phone calls & e-mail support to answer HR-related questions on everything from strategy and recruitment to Employee performance and discipline.
When you need a more personal approach
When things get bigger and more complicated, we offer a full-support programme at a fixed daily rate. As much or as little as you need, when and where you need. You will get all the support in the Small Business Support programme but now we will be with you full-time, developing strategy or managing the change to develop your business and grow your profitability.
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